Title Pubtime
  Professor Haisong Qi from South China University of Technology Visited Biofuels .. 2017-12-01
  Seminar Announcement:£ºTowards Economical and Sustainable Production of Wood Base.. 2017-09-06
  Graduate Students Defense 2014-05-28
  Seminar announcement:Biotechnology Paradigm Shift: From Living Microorganisms to.. 2014-05-22
  Seminar announcement: Overproduction and Scale-up Studies of Recombinant Microbi.. 2014-05-04
  Dr. Ji Rong from Nanjing University Visited School of the Environment 2013-11-28
  Seminar Announcement:£ºEnvironmental Fate of Endocrine Disruptor Nonylphenol 2013-11-22
  Dr. Bin Yang from Washington State University Revisited Biofuels Institute at Ji.. 2013-11-21
  Senior Scientist, Dr. Shi-You Ding, from US-National Renewable Energy Laboratory.. 2013-10-18
  Seminar Announcement: Scaling-up Next Generation Biorefinery with Synergies in C.. 2013-11-06
  Seminar announcement:System understanding of biomass deconstruction 2013-10-09
  Dr. Juergen Wiege from University of Georgia Visits Biofuels Institute of Jiangs.. 2013-08-29
  Seminar announcement: Extreme places and extremophiles 2013-08-05
  Dr. William B. Whitman from University of Georgia Visits Biofuels Institute of J.. 2013-07-24
  Ph.D. programs in Environmental Science and Engineering 2013-05-07
  Dissertation Research Proposal and Program of Study Review 2013-05-07
  School of the Environment at JU offers graduate students a wide range of classro.. 2013-05-07
  School of the Environment in Jiangsu University (JU) was established in 2006 2013-05-07
  [Seminar]Pretreatment: A Vital Interface Between Plant Biomass to Conversion Pro.. 2012-12-09
  [Seminar]Innovating Our way to A Clean Energy Future - Role of Biomass 2012-12-08
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